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    Wild Lettuce Extract

    PhenDopa: Pain Relieving, Mood-Boosting Dopamine Nootropic*


    PhenDopa is an all-natural Nootropic with a novel spectrum of potent and effective alkaloids which promote a host of mental and emotional benefits including improving mood, reducing anxiety, managing stress, and pain relief through Mulungu Bark Extract, Wild Lettuce Extract, Kanna, & 98% L-Dopa.* It also contributes to creativity, sociability, and promoting a sense of well-being.*

    Effects of Using PhenDopa

    All medications have side effects, and PhenDopa is no different. Some common side effects include loss of appetite and dizziness. Do not operate heavy machinery after taking PhenDopa. These side effects can best be combated by adhering to the recommended dosage, adhering to the warnings and directions, and staying hydrated.

    Making PhenDopa Work for You

    PhenDopa is unique as an all natural nootropic because of its potency and the effectiveness of its alkaloids.* PhenDopa can be used by many different groups of people.* Since PhenDopa is used for improving mood, reducing anxiety, managing stress, and pain relief it can be useful for relaxing.*

    For those experiencing pain, the alkaloids contained within PhenDopa are known for their pain relieving properties.*

    For individuals dealing with anxiety, PhenDopa may be useful in assisting with mood, reducing anxiety, assisting with feelings of tranquility, and promoting a sense of well-being.* 

    For individuals struggling with sleep, PhenDopa could promote healthy sleep and restfulness while also reducing anxiety and stress, which could also contribute to better sleep.*



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